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Newborns should be properly dressed in their first months of life. Soft baby bodies are cut wide open and do not constrict. A snap fastener makes it easier to dress and undress the newborn without unnecessarily disturbing it. The romper suits can be opened in the shoulder area and crotch. So the baby can be changed or dressed quickly and safely. The cut of the body prevents the clothes from slipping. This is also important if the baby crawls around later and curiously discovers the world. It feels comfortable because its movements are not restricted by incorrect clothing. Baby bodyshells provide pleasant warmth and safety. Our wholesale carries perfectly fitting bodysuits and rompers in many colours, sizes and designs. We offer special sets for retailers that encourage multiple purchases. Baby bodys belong to every basic equipment of a newborn. Sets with several bodys give the possibility to have new clothes at hand that fit immediately. So the newborn is always freshly dressed. For the first few weeks of a newborn baby, changing mats are also suitable. They are often used to prevent skin contact with metal snaps. This helps to avoid possible contact allergies. The advantage of the wrap body is that it does not have to be pulled over the head. A special technique is used to gently wrap the newborn baby and make it feel warm and secure.

For newborns it is important that a comfortable body wraps the whole body. Shirts slip easily and cause discomfort. Soft bodysuits lie comfortably on the skin. Retailers should always look out for high-quality baby bodysuits made of organic cotton. They are more skin-friendly and easy to care for. We offer baby bodys in different designs. Our range includes bodysuits with long and short sleeves. We offer sleeveless bodysuits and special wrap bodysuits. For the warm season bodysuits and rompers made of light cotton are suitable. In the winter time you should choose a warming top for the cotton bodysuit to put on. Ideal for the colder season are matching socks and caps. The newborn baby does not cool down. The season is important when choosing baby clothes. So the newborn baby is ideally dressed for cold or warm weather. Baby bodies should not be missing in any basic outfit and are the absolute classic among baby clothes. They belong in every wardrobe. When choosing baby clothing, it is important that it is absolutely skin-friendly. Therefore you should always pay attention to textiles that are of high quality. They must be easy-care and comfortable to wear. We deliver bodysuits in white and in coloured design. Our baby clothing with its different motifs, colours and sizes offers a lot of fashionable variety. Multiple packs are also suitable for the first weeks. The perfect cut and the soft material meet the needs in the first months of life. Bodysuits made of organic cotton reduce allergies and are very skin-friendly.

It is safer to always wash clothes before wearing them for the first time in order to remove possible residues. Baby bodies should always be washed only according to the manufacturer's instructions. Care should also be taken to use a mild detergent that does not cause allergies. After washing, bodysuits made of high-quality materials can be dried in the tumble dryer or on the clothesline without losing their shape. In our wide range of products, every retailer will find not only baby bodysuits but also clothes for older children. As nightwear we offer suitable pyjamas for older babies and children. They are available in different colours, motives and sizes for boys and girls. Our wholesale also offers underwear in suitable sizes. So every child is perfectly dressed from the beginning. Baby bodysuits with funny motifs are a useful gift for any upcoming baby party, birth, baptism or other festive occasions. We also have other perfect gift ideas for newborns and Children.