Graduated prices

For all our products there are graduated prices.
That means, as soon as you take more than one of the displayed item, you will save money immediately, no matter what size or color it is.

Your personal VIP status

We thank you for your loyalty!

Depending on your orders of the last 365 days in our shop you will receive your personal VIP status. Depending on your status, the entire shopping cart excluding shipping costs will be discounted by the percentage shown in the table below.

You can check your current status any time in your customer account.
Your orders within the last 365 days
1 %
betwenn 1 and 1.999,99 € within the last 365 days*
2,5 %
more than 2.000,00 € within the last 365 days*
5 %
more than 5.000,00 € within the last 365 days*
7,5 %
more than 10.000,00 € within the last 365 days*
10 %
more than 20.000,00 € within the last 365 days*
*Net value of goods; excluded: Shipping costs, unpaid orders and credit notes